Monday, January 03, 2005


Marketing Defined in the Storage Business

Marketing is anything and everything you do to get the phone to ring. Storage is a simple business but not an easy business. The steps are fairly straightforward. Achieving the desired results aren’t always that easy or straightforward.

Whenever I speak to any group about storage marketing I always tell them that there are four steps in the process. First get the phone to ring. Second, get those who call to come in and visit. Third, get those who visit to sign a contract. Finally, get those who rent from you to stay forever and tell all their friends about you. I exaggerate a little, but remember, the cheapest customer is a repeat customer. The second cheapest customer is the referral customer. More about that later.

The marketing portion of the equation I define as any and everything you do to make the phone ring. The sales process starts when you answer the phone. It covers both phone sales and face to face sales. Customer service is everything that you do after someone has signed a rental agreement. Don’t discount this piece of the puzzle, it is critical for building a solid and profitable business.